Roxanne Mirdamadi

Branding for Local Real Estate Agent in San Francisco, CA

Roxanne Mirdamadi is a licensed Realtor® serving both home sellers and home buyers in the greater San Francisco area of Northern California. She brings years of hospitality experience and thus a deeper white-glove approach to the service side of real estate, along with a fresh modern technology knowledge of the real estate market. All topped off with a genuine love and respect for the beautiful place she – and her clients – call home.

Project Goals

Modern Approachable Luxury

Real Estate is one of the most saturated industries with incredibly high competition for clients and a ridiculously high-stakes gamble for a big pay off. Needless to say, it’s easy to get lost in the big sea of other agents. Roxanne, with years in the customer service and concierge industry, knew that the best way to make a strong first impression is to curate a complete experience, from start to finish, and that included custom branding. She reached out to us to help her visually define the brand system that would play a big part in her initial client touch points as she worked to expand her local presence in the greater San Francisco area.

Logo Design

Details on details on details with no element untouched. A feminine modern twist on traditional Art Deco typography paired with modern, more masculine San-Serif fonts to give a modern look to the brand type while applying stronger and more intense deep colors to pair with the softer, more muted delicate undertones in the grays and blush pinks. Straight lines and curves to continue our high-contrast styling for a modern geometric mark that maintains a soft vintage styling foundation.

Primary Logo

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Package

Alternative Logo

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Package

Brand Icon

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Package


A High-Contrast Pairing of Old Meets New

Elegant lines and art-deco accents meet modern masculine sans-serif to create a high-contrast modern type pairing that felt both feminine and masculine, old and new, ornate and minimal.

Icon Anatomy

The Roxanne Mirdamadi brand icon is a nod to the art deco style with a geometric and modern twist.

The Letter M

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Package

The mark started by pulling in traditional art deco and retro geometric shapes to create a very subtle “M” for Mirdamadi.

San Francisco Streets

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Package

Accenting the rising streets, steep neighborhoods, and hall homes that San Francisco is famous for, the arched shapes visually represent the literal areas in which she works.

Door Lock

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Package

The encased ouster shape is to represent a door lock, and Roxanne’s ability to truly unlock opportunities for her clients to find their dream home, forever home, second home and beyond.

Color Palette

Elegant, Luxury, Sleek, Modern, Muted

Anyone who has visited San Francisco would agree that it is one of the most vibrant and architecturally unique places in the world. The wide gambit of color gave us so much to play with while curating the perfect color palette. We opted for a midcentury modern set of rich jewel tones and old establishment colors to speak to the timeless style of San Francisco.


Dove Gray

Velvet Green

Dark Blush


True White

Brand Collateral

Custom Gold Foil Business Cards

It wouldn’t be true art deco without some metallic accents. We utilized Moo’s Gold Foil Business Cards in order to accent even further the attention to detail that is the foundation of the Roxanne Mirdamadi Brand. As an agent, it’s typical for them to include their headshot on their marketing materials. Roxanne did this as well and added some additional gold accents to give both sides of her cards a luxury look and feel.

Custom Social Media Templates

As a real estate agent, being social in her community (both online and off) is critical to her building a reputable reputation. We created a 9-grid of Instagram templates and coordinating IG Stories to help keep her social promotional efforts clean and consistent while engaging her target clients through popular social trends, Instagram add-ons, and other industry marketing trends.

Client Testimonial

“I couldn’t be happier! I am a Realtor and I needed a brand/logo to really set myself apart from other Realtors in the Bay Area. I went in blind, I had no direction, I told Whiskey & Red I want a brand/logo and they took it from there! We used Pinterest to share boards and narrowed down the style, theme, color palettes, etc. for the brand/logo we found suited me best. Within a week or so, I was presented with my logo and I was shocked at the story that Julie presented with it. IT. IS. ME! I approved the designs and we were off again, next thing I knew I had a dropbox file with the logos and branding in every color pallet & style combination. I was also given social media icons as well as Canva templates to use with my Instagram stories and/or posts! Julie and Steve are a dynamic duo, to say the least! I worked more closely with Julie and her knowledge of style and creativity left me literally flabbergasted. They walk you through every step so you know exactly where their mind is at when creating the designs, leaving no questions unanswered. AMAZING!”

Roxanne Mirdamadi

Mirdamadi Real Estate

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