Tracy Wright Corvo Photography

Photography eCommerce Website Design for Tracy Wright Corvo in Honolulu, HI

Tracy Wright Corvo is a Headshot and Personal Branding photographer based out of Honolulu, HI. She’s been photographing creative industry professionals for over 20 years and her clients range from big-name Hollywood Actors, Surgeons, Chefs, Models, Writers, Public Speakers, and beyond. What brings Tracy’s clients to her is her ability to authentically capture the essence of who each person is and translate that through the leans of her camera.

Whiskey and Red Small Business Website Design Packages - Web desktop and mobile device Mockup for Tracy Wright Corvo Photography - Honolulu, Hawaii

Project Goals

Engaging and Interactive Photography Portfolio and eCommerce Shop

As a long-time client of ours, we were honored to get to partner with Tracy once again on the big rebrand and overhaul of her eCommerce WordPress website and Brand. Tracy wanted to maintain her eCommerce functionality but allow for more customized photo packages and purchasing options, while also creating a cleaner intake process for more custom brand photography clients through custom forms and applications.

Responsive Website Design

The majority of Tracy’s website traffic came to her website through social media. Knowing that a significant number of website views would be via mobile devices, we designed Tracy’s desktop and mobile websites simultaneously in order to create a consistent experience across all devices from the start.

Innovative Design

As a photographer, the importance of an impressive and inspiring photo portfolio is undeniable. We knew we wanted to showcase the quality of Tracy’s work, while maintaining a clean and smooth journey through the website, ensuring a successful conversion experience. We developed a number of custom portfolio feeds, allowing Tracy to showcase her incredible work without having to compromise photo quality or page load speed.

Color Palette

Warm, Energetic, Deep, Quality

Previously, Tracy’s color palette was very bright and corporate. While eye-catching, it often clashed with her photography. Staying consistent in order to maintain visual brand consistency but downplay the bright colors and let her photography stand out, we reworked her brand color palette to create something more authentic to Tracy’s brand experience.


Shadow Gray





Brand Videography

Custom Studio Brand Photography Experience Video with Tracy Wright Corvo Photography

Coming Soon. Tracy is partnering with a local videographer to create a custom video to showcase the unique photo session experience that Tracy offer’s her clients. Allowing her fun personality to shine through, and giving potential clients a peek behind the camera – so to say.

Whiskey and Red Small Business Website Design Packages - Brand videography Mockup for Tracy Wright Corvo Photography - Honolulu, Hawaii
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Client Testimonial

“Whiskey & Red are the best! They are the most professional team that I have had the pleasure of working with. The website that they designed and built for my business totally improved my photography business and increased my client base. Julie and Steve are creative, organized, and they follow through with each and every detail. If I could give them 100 stars here I would! They took my business to the next level and beyond. Hire them now!”

Tracy Wright Corvo