Vivus Counseling Services

Website and Branding for Counseling Agency in Colorado Springs, CO

Vivus Counseling Services provides Substance Abuse Evaluations for both Court Ordered and Non-Court Ordered Clients in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas of Teller County, Colorado. Founder Nil Buckley is an experienced LPC, LAC, DV Prov. with multi-specialties and extended experience in serving clients with a variety of mental health needs.

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Packages - Web mobile and desktop device mockup Vivus Counseling Services - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Project Goals

Approachable Credibility with Multiple Language Translations

Founder and Owner, Nil Buckley, came to W&R looking to design a website and brand identity that visually represented the growth she helps her clients achieve, while also maintaining a strong and experienced feel to her overall brand visuals. As the only multi-language counseling agency in Colorado Springs, she also needed her website to easily flip between and English and Spanish, no matter where a reader was in their website experience.

Logo Design

A clean, confident, and artistic design for the Vivus Counseling brand identity suite.

Primary Logo

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Packages - Brand primary logo for Vivus Counseling Services - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Alternative Logo

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Packages - Brand alternative logo for Vivus Counseling Services - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Brand Icon

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Packages - Brand mark for Vivus Counseling Services - Colorado Springs, Colorado


Clean, Strong, Minimal, Modern

Knowing the client wanted a more organic and artistic brand icon as well as a clean neutral color palette, we balanced the brand with a clean, tall, modern Sans-Serif typeface to provide a confident and experienced feel to the brand’s typography.

Color Palette

Grounded, Confident, Quality, Natural

We created a clean, grounded, organic and neutral color palette to provide a safe, inviting, and confident feel to the brand. Accented with the brand icon’s gold foiling for a confident and quality touch.







Brand Collateral

Custom Gold Foil Business Cards

We designed Vivus’s business cards using Moo’s Gold Foil Business cards. In an industry where a lot of print materials are still heavily used, creating items that would stand out from the sea of other cards or print items on a judge’s desk would help Vivus make a more quality first impression.

Custom Language Translations

We custom designed a smooth page-by-page Spanish translation of the English website, allowing Spanish speaking visitors and potential clients to engage with the website in their preferred language. At any point in the experience, clients can click and flip between the English or Spanish versions of each page.

Responsive Website Design

With clients coming from a variety of both locations and economic situations, we needed to make sure the website experience both translated and responded smoothly across all platforms and all devices. Focusing on making it as easy as possible to contact Vivus at any point in their online experience.

Brand Visualization

Custom Brand Stationary and Editable Marketing Resources

Beyond the logo and website design, we created a suite of brand stationery and editable marketing resources for Vivus through custom stationery templates that would allow our client to maintain design consistency across all of her print stationery items.

Client Testimonial

“Whiskey & Red has been a part of a very important step in my life; to start my own business and to create a logo and website that is unique. I wanted my business to have a “face” that translates meaning and purpose. I wanted to have a website where my clients could easily navigate. Whiskey & Red gave me the opportunity to be involved in the branding/website designing process, and by doing that, I have felt heard and valued as a customer. I was/am so touched by their level of professionalism, thoroughness, and competency as a team. I highly recommend their services. Thank you for your beautiful work.”

Nil Buckley

Vivus Counseling Services

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