Xanne Fran

Branding for Custom Jewelry Designer in Maine

Xanne Fran Studios is a handmade custom fine jewelry business that specializes in creating tiny figurine pieces in gold and sliver. The tiniest animals, items, and trinkets you can imagine, into rings, charms, earrings and bracelets. It doesn’t matter what style someone might have, you will find something for everyone at Xanne Fran.

Project Goals

Timeless Design That’s Adaptable Across Multiple Target Markets

Owner Roxy Becofsky came to Whiskey and Red looking to create a visual brand identity that represented the handcrafted pieces she makes for her clients but with a cleaner more modern playful display look. From the custom hand-painted “X” to the dark rich palette, and custom print stationery pieces, this was such an exciting project from start to finish.

Logo Design

The brand has a strong artistic tone and mood balanced by the thin tall modern sans serif type. Wanting an identity that is clean, balanced, and clear, while having a unique organic feel that represents the handcrafted creatures that Roxy creates. The American Typewriter font brings a timeless vintage element to the brand, bringing full circle the sentiment that her jewelry brings to her clients.

Primary Logo

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Logo Design Packages - Brand primary logo Mockup for Xanne Fran Studios - New York

Alternative Logo

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Logo Design Packages - Brand logo variation Mockup for Xanne Fran Studios - New York

Brand Icon

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Logo Design Packages - Brand mark Mockup for Xanne Fran Studios - New York


Modern, Display, Creative, Clean

The tall thin modern Sans-Serif Oswald typeface paired with the American Typewriter display font creates a playful modern mix of timeless-vintage and minimal-modern. We created a subtle but intentional contrast feel in the mix of all capital letters and all lower case letters between the Wordmarks, then made a bigger creative statement with the custom textured X.

Color Palette

Modern, Clean, Urban, Experienced, Warm

Clean, and simple with its black and white palette and the simple subtle “pop” of rich dark red for a neutral color that plays well with the other organic colors.







Brand Collateral

Custom Print Materials

Roxy was already using a great packaging company who would be able to take our designs and apply them to her custom jewelry packaging, but we needed a few additional client touchpoints to complete each jewelry delivery. We designed a set of very clean and simple business cards that stayed consistent with our modern color palette. We carried this consistent simple identity through custom postcards and gift certificated, accented only by Xanne Fran jewelry photography.

Project Credits