About Whiskey & Red

We’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey instead of everyone’s cup of tea.

Your business is unique, so your brand and website should be too. But with so many platforms and options on the web today, which is right for you? We specialize in partnering with brick-and-mortar service-based small businesses just like you who have been in business for years, building up a client base, establishing a credible quality reputation, and making a living, one client at a time. But now, you find yourself falling behind younger brands who have begun to take over the market simply by having a stronger online presence.

It’s our goal to make you look as professional online as you are in person, balancing the local competition, and helping you to re-establish your leadership in your local market.

Together, we create a complete team. You with your industry experience and understanding of your client’s needs, and us with our blend of design, development, and digital marketing expertise.

Our clients range from custom home contractors in the Rockies of Colorado, financial advisors in the Bay Area of San Francisco, and a brand portrait photographer based out of the island of Oahu, to high-end real-estate brokers in Florida and a jewelry designer who calls the tip of Main home. While we may work with clients from all areas of industry and all over the globe, one thing stays the same – our commitment to creating unique brand experiences, online or off, that fit your business and meet your client’s needs.

Our Clients

We may reside in the Rockies, but we work with small businesses all over the world.

Behind the name

So much more than just a drink order

While it might seem like the perfect beverage order, our name actually has absolutely nothing to do with drinks. As the lead designer, I (Julie Harris) deal with color psychology, utilizing the power of textures, tones, and colors to create a visual narrative and define a brand’s identity (I also have red hair so it does have a bit of a double meaning). Steve Harris, our lead developer, came from a career in the US Army where the formal title for his position was a 68 “Whiskey”. While now in a dramatically different professional role, Steve utilizes many of the skills he learned during his time in the service; communication, education, teamwork, and attention to detail. Hence – Whiskey & Red.

Why us?

We do things differently

We don’t believe in keeping the “keys to the kingdom”. This is your business and it should feel like it. Every design decision is made with you in mind and the end goal of providing you with a platform that you can manage, maintain, and expand upon on your own, without a full-time technical support team. While we love to extend our working relationships with our clients post-project, we make education a priority every step of the way so that you can successfully run your online business with or without our continued assistance. But don’t worry. We’ll never leave you hanging and as long as you want us around, we’ll be there.

Meet Your Team

Julie Harris

Lead Graphic Designer

Julie Harris is the founder, lead graphic designer, and “Red” of Whiskey and Red. Her love for minimalistic design and typography focused branding brings a modern look to a traditional design style. She comes at branding with a people-focused perspective, targeting the one-on-one individual opportunities and the long-term client relationships that can come from brand loyalty. Julie believes that less is truly more when it comes to design, and aims to focus more on the human element of business and marketing when it comes to her brand work. Her people-focused design perspective targets the one-on-one individual opportunities and the long-term client relationships that can come from brand loyalty.

Steve Harris

Lead Developer

Steve Harris is the co-owner, lead developer, and “Whiskey’ of Whiskey and Red. Matching Julie’s love for design simplicity, Steve keeps his development style as simple and streamlined as well. His development style is founded in the belief that successful design comes from successful communication, and that starts with understanding your clients and how to communicate their needs. With a degree in English from UCLA and four years active duty service as an Army Medic, Steven not only understands how critical communication is but how to make sure what is communicated is understood in the way it was meant to be.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

Some of our most recent client feedback.

Whiskey & Red did a fantastic job building our website and assisting with brand development. Their design process is unique and engaging. The team did an amazing job of translating our ideas and conversations into a brand that perfectly captures our company's feel and message. Everything was executed in a timely fashion and with incredible attention to detail. We were very pleased with the number of times we were able to meet and discuss our project as their team is easy to reach and very responsive. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and we will definitely work with them on future projects.

Jazmine SmalleyLecibia De Torrin

I have used Whiskey & Red for two projects. Julie and Steve are amazing. They are creative, innovative, and warm. Their guidance through your project's journey is reassuring. They took great care of me and kept me on track. And I needed that guidance. Additionally, they have an amazing team of experts in their pocket. I have enjoyed watching their journey as they have been an integral part of my journey. When you venture into creating your own path, it becomes a sacred thing. You are trusting someone with your livelihood. It is personal. They understand that and value it. My confidence in their handiwork is what has made me a returning customer.

Jenée PadmoreJenée Padmore and PadMoore Services

Whiskey and Red took my company’s look and advertisement platform to a truly different level. My company is continually seeing great results from what they’ve done. From design management, making the company look better and on the back end with SEO; W&R can handle it. I would recommend this company anytime.

Mark LundyPeak Fencing

Behind The Brand