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Small Business Branding and WordPress Website Design

Here at Whiskey & Red Design, we collaborate with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses owners, helping them look as professional online as they are in person. We believe that being a “small business” has nothing to do with size and all to do with the way in which you conduct your business. It’s more than just a label, but a choice to always create a personal, customized, one of a kind experience for your clients. And there is absolutely nothing small about that.

Through our structured and systematic creative processes, we are able to keep costs low while allowing creative flexibility to each individual client, providing you with a completely customized and personal creative experience, resulting in an authentic and genuine brand identity.

Our goal is to meet your business where you are today, while preparing you for where you’ll take your business in the future. Contact us today and let’s get the creative process started.

Picture of Julie Harris, Colorado Springs based brand designer and CEO of Whiskey & Red


Julie Harris is a Woodland Park, Colorado based brand stylist and digital designer, specializing in small business branding and website design. She comes at branding with a people focused perspective, targeting the one-on-one individual opportunities and the long-term client relationships that can come from brand loyalty. She brings this “branding by Julie” perspective to every design project, whether it be brand development, brand design, or website design.

Picture of Steve Harris, Colorado Springs wordpress website designer and CEO of Whiskey & Red


Steven Harris is a Woodland Park, Colorado based website developer and UX designer, specializing in design-led digital communications and virtual innovation. Steven believes that successful design comes from successful communication, and that starts with understanding your clients and how to communicate their needs. With a degree in English from UCLA and four years active duty service as an Army Medic, Steven not only understands how critical communication is but how to make sure what is communicated is understood in the way it was meant to be.

Picture of Steve Harris, Colorado Springs wordpress website designer and CEO of Whiskey & Red

When not working, Julie and Steven enjoy spending time with friends and family, taking advantage of the beautiful Colorado curriculars from hiking and camping, to wining and dining with friends.