Bedell Frazier

Website Design for Financial Planning Firm in Walnut Creek, CA

Bedell Frazier is an Investment Counseling firm, specializing in Financial Planning and Wealth Management based outside the Bay Area of Northern California. Their holistic approach to investment management includes financial planning so that they can best manage and counsel their clients on investment and financial matters. Their clients’ financial planning needs drive their modern strategies. As clients transition from one stage of life to the next, Bedell Frazier is there to guide them along the way.

Whiskey and Red Small Business Website Design Packages - Web desktop laptop ipad mobile device Mockup for Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling - Walnut Creek, California

Project Goals

Modern and Contemporary Website Design to Complement Company Culture

Whiskey & Red have been working for Bedell Frazier for the past few years. We started with redesigning their online presence through their website and social media platforms and staying on to assist with their marketing efforts via email marketing and social media campaigns as well as quarterly print materials and promotional events.

Responsive Website Design

Having worked with the company for years, we had a very clear understanding of their user base as well as their mobile vs desktop traffic. We created a design that beautifully responded across all devices, ensuring a smooth and consistent user experience from device to device.

Educational Design

The goal was to create an engaging and interactive while educational user experience for Bedell Frazier’s current and potential clients across each marketing avenue. While the website functions more as an interactive business card or firm portfolio piece, we wanted to visually represent the modern innovative approach the firm brings to their client portfolios, while bringing in a number of custom blog article and stock market resource options.

Brand Collateral

Custom Silver Foil Business Cards

To help celebrate a new decade, we enhanced the brand’s print collateral by applying silver foiling to their business cards and other client touchpoints. We used Moo’s thick silver foiling business cards to enhance the brand’s logo as well as decorative elements on the reverse side to draw more attention to each partner’s contact information. The thicker soft-touch texture of the cards supported the high quality and attention to detail the firm brings to all their client’s investment portfolios.

Brand Photography

Custom In-Office Brand Photography

To maintain the personal touch the partners and team members bring to each client portfolio, they brought in a photographer to take both consistent brand portraits of each team member, as well as more lifestyle working photos of the team in their corporate office space to use for marketing materials and social media.

Creative Collateral

Custom Team Baseball Trading Cards

The owner of the company loves baseball, so to thank the rest of his team for all the hard work they do and emphasize the power they have when they work together for their clients, we created a custom baseball trading card set with unique cards for each of the Bedell Frazier team members.