Gumption Pictures

Branding for Production Company in Burbank, CA

Gumption Pictures is a micro-production studio based out of Burbank California. They partner with diverse creators to tell irresistible stories that truly connect with audiences. They believe in maximizing each story’s unique capacity to inspire by keeping the creator’s vision as fresh as possible from development through distribution.

Project Goals

Imaginative, Dynamic, Collaborative, Forward-Momentum

Gumption reached out to Whiskey and Red to help create a brand identity that visually represented the company’s forward-thinking perspective on modern movie making, as well as the unified creative collaboration and design integrity they bring to each creative endeavor. From a full suite of designs, logo animations and stings, and a custom set of social media marketing templates, Gumption has everything it needs to really make a statement in the entertainment business.

Logo Design

Thicker bolder lines, redefined edges, impossible shapes, the pairing of unexpected pieces, and a magnetism that pulls you forward. Movement and momentum in each detail, helping bring life to even the still version of each item. Causing the viewer to rethink what they just saw and take a step back in order to take in the full picture. Creating a visual story between type and imagery.

Primary Logo

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Logo Design Packages - Brand primary logo Mockup for Gumption Pictures Micro-Studio - California

Alternative Logo

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Logo Design Packages - Brand stacked logo Mockup for Gumption Pictures Micro-Studio - California

Brand Icon

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Logo Design Packages - Brand mark Mockup for Gumption Pictures Micro-Studio - California


Clean, Strong, Minimal, Momentum

The Gumption Pictures’ Primary Logo is comprised of a clean regular-case stacked Wordmark for “Gumption” and “Pictures,” in a condensed display typeface and encased by a circular mas, while the boundaries of the letters aren’t constrained, but instead, represent a feeling of “freedom” or the essence of “can not be contained.”

Color Palette

Vibrant, Strong, Bright, Intense, Clear

Bolder, brighter, and vibrant – both in color and in movement. We wanted to make a big statement within the Gumption brand that could create natural pairings, customized to fit any need or use depending on what feature film or production project the company takes on.







Brand Collateral

Custom Business Cards

Imaginative, Dynamic, Collaborative, Forward-Momentum, Solid – embodying the essence of “us.” Maintaining our concept of “can not be contained” we designed a set of business cards where the names and titles of each team member are literally rolling off the edge of the contained space. Each team member was able to combine their preferred two colors to create a custom look and feel for their card while staying inclusive to the Gumption brand as a whole. We used Moo’s Luxe business cards and applied their colored seam through the center, giving the cards both a thicker stock as well as a bold internal statement from edge to edge.

Custom Social Media Templates

While each project Gumption produces is unique from subject to style, they needed a way to make it clear to the viewer that they were all apart of the Gumption brand. So we created a set of customized and editable social media templates within Canva Pro, allowing their marketing team to have a complete set of items to work, keeping their brand consistent from project to project.

Project Credits