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How to Start Branding Yourself and Your Business

How to Brand Yourself - Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Packages - Phoenix, Arizona

Our brand is a result of how we see ourselves, but ultimately, it’s what teaches others how to see us.

Just because we are small business owners doesn’t mean there is anything “small” about us. Being a small business has nothing to do with size and all to do with the way in which we conduct our business. It’s seriously a lifestyle choice to always create a personal customized, one of a kind, experience for the people we engage with. Because we are small, every decision we make is huge! The stakes are so much higher for us small business owners. With one interaction, we have the power to make or break our brands. There is absolutely nothing small about that.

Branding your business and designing your brand’s visual identity are two separate steps in your overall brand experience. Understanding how they differentiate while also how dependent they are upon one another in order to convey consistency and clarity behind a brand is crucial. In order to build a genuine, organic, one-of-a-kind brand and establish an identity that has longevity, it all starts with a foundation.

Free Resource!

So, to help you begin your bran journey, I have created a brand new “Brand Beginnings” workbook. From understanding your brand’s history, to defining who you are and what you stand for, to beginning your brand’s visual identity, and exploring new ways to expand your brand, this workbook will help you begin a new chapter for your brand that leads toward clarity, confidence, and brand success.

  • Lesson 1: Brand Map
  • Lesson 2: Brand Mission
  • Lesson 3: Brand Market
  • Lesson 4: Brand Engagement
  • Lesson 5: Brand Identity
  • Lesson 6: Brand Expansion

Did I mention that it’s totally FREE? With my goal of providing you with nothing but the most useful tools, tips, resources, and support, I created this new workbook to help us reflect on our brands with a new creative perspective.

Our brand is a result of how we see ourselves, but ultimately, it’s what teaches others how to see us. Your brand affects the overall reputation of your business and even more so, your own professional career. It’s how we treat our own brand that teaches others how to treat us.

“Branding is both how you inspire and attract others to you in the first place, but it’s also how you position yourself as a creative expert who can deliver on that promise.” – Kathleen Shannon

People expect more from us small businesses, and it’s our job to not only meet but exceed those expectations. Our brand’s success depends on it. This is the life we’ve chosen for our selves, not because it’s the easy route, but because it means more.

Download your free “Brand Beginnings” workbook today and begin down your own path towards brand clarity.

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