Charge What You’re Worth



Small Business Pricing Guide + Creative Process Workbook

How to price your products and services, and get your client’s to say you’re worth it.  

This personal pricing workbook is here to help clarify all our small business and personal expenses as we develop our creative process and pricing for our various products and services. By understanding the different elements that factor into our brand’s pricing strategy, we can focus on creating an engaging and personal purchasing experience for our clients and provide more value through our products and services.

This 40 page workbook includes research chapters, worksheets, charts, spreadsheets, stat trackers, audience profile questionnaires and extra resources to help empower your professional workflow and pricing confidence.

Addressing topics including:

  • Understanding what you cost.
  • Defining your income goals.
  • Hourly v.s. Value based pricing.
  • Identifying your target clients.
  • Developing your creative process.
  • Itemized project invoicing.

and more.

Communication is only successful when the receiving party understands your content exactly the way you meant it to be understood. So by exploring what other factors influence your ideal clients’ purchasing habits, we’ll have a greater clarity on how to best position your sales.

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