DeWitt Consulting

Website and Branding for Management Consulting Firm in San Diego, CA

DeWitt is a management consulting and executive advisory firm, based out of San Diego, California, dedicated to accelerating mission-critical priorities for a digitally-enabled future. DeWitt works in many ways to solve their client’s most complex business challenges. Through their signature DeWitt Advantage, they ensure technology spending translates consistently into actionable results and measurable ROI.

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Packages - web mobile device Mockup for DeWitt Consulting - San Diego, California

Project Goals

Compelling and Innovative with an Understated Confidence

Founder and President, Michael DeWitt, came to W&R looking to build a strong foundational brand and website that would create an engaging and interactive user experience for their target clients. Inspiring them to rethink their digital goals and seek out advanced technology strategy consulting to develop a stronger competitive advantage. The goal was to create something impactful with understated confidence to maintain an approachable tone, backed by over 20 years of industry experience and credibility.

Logo Design

A timeless, traditional, and grounded identity for the DeWitt Primary Logo Wordmark and entire brand identity suite.

Primary Logo

DeWitt Consulting Primary Logo

Alternative Logo

DeWitt Consulting Alternative Logo

Brand Icon

DeWitt Consulting Brand Icon


Clean, Strong, Minimal, Timeless

The Addington font typeface is designed to be both a bold modern Serif while also maintain a timeless and graceful look and feel of a traditional Serif. With its high-contrast details, Addington worked ideally for both text-heavy settings as well as a stand-along brand wordmark or display typeface.

Icon Anatomy

The Letter D

DeWitt Consulting Logo Anatomy Piece 1

The Letter “D” for DeWitt. Also, a circular shape, symbolizing the commitment to the professional relationships DeWitt builds with their clients.

The Letter W

DeWitt Consulting Logo Anatomy Piece 2

The letter “W” for DeWitt. A technical Analytical symbol for data tracking and research.

The Letter C

DeWitt Consulting Logo Anatomy Piece 3

The Letter “C” for Consulting. A forward-looking visual symbol representing the forward-thinking innovation of DeWitt.


DeWitt Consulting Logo Anatomy Piece 4

The larger circles represent the major innovative milestones while the smaller circles represent the strategic choices along the path towards success.

Color Palette

Strong Colors with a Strong Voice

The warm pops of orange and yellow give an approachable and grounded confidence to the DeWitt brand without being too overwhelming or loud. Then, to maintain industry relevance, we created a dark navy blue to keep the brand feeling trustworthy.


DeWitt Blue

Cider Orange

Honey Yellow



Brand Collateral

Custom Luxe Business Cards

We designed DeWitt’s business cards using Moo’s 32pt thick Luxe cards – a luxury textured and impressively thick card. With our goal of maintaining a sense of understated confidence, the clean and simple design was enhanced by the thickness and texture of the cardstock resulting in a clean, timeless, and creative final product.

Responsive Website Design

As a technology management consulting firm, we knew we needed the company’s website to complement a brand founded in technology innovation. We designed a clean and engaging responsive website that ensured a high-quality and confident experience amongst all devices.

Interactive Design

The goal was to create an engaging and interactive user experience for DeWitt’s target clients that would be consistent across all devices. Requiring as few clicks as possible while maintaining a creative edge through selective animations, video backgrounds, and minimal motion graphics.