Branding for Digital Marketing Agency in Denver, CO

Hashtagitude is a digital agency comprising of a team of dedicated marketing professionals focused on building your company’s presence online through honest and effective methods. Your business can thrive exponentially when you take care of your online marketing through authentic community building and genuine connections. Hashtagitude provides digital marketing solutions to small businesses in the U.S. with a current focus on the Denver metro area.

Project Goals

Handcrafted Timeless Retro Brand for Modern Technology Agency

They wanted a fresh identity that visually portrayed the long-lasting, timeless qualities that authentic audience building brings to their clients, as well as the handcrafted approach to social media marketing. The retro vintage styling and handcrafted elements helped visually convey their values and professional goals.

Logo Design

Vintage Modern. Handcrafted and weathered to represent the long-lasting quality and value behind the services Hashtagitude provides. The handcrafted small-batch feel speaks to the custom experience clients can expect as Hashtagitude creates authentic and genuine social communities for their brand.

Primary Logo

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Logo Design Packages - Brand primary logo Mockup for Hashtagitude Digital Marketing - Denver, Colorado

Alternative Logo

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Logo Design Packages - Brand secondary logo Mockup for Hashtagitude Digital Marketing - Denver, Colorado

Brand Icon

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Logo Design Packages - Brand mark Mockup for Hashtagitude Digital Marketing - Denver, Colorado


Vintage, Weathered, Professional, Quality

Textured Sans Serifed fonts paired with a vintage script decorative accents. A complimentary balance between classic retro vintage styling and the tech-savvy feeling of a more modern typography and structure. Providing a sense of timeless quality, long-lasting value, and a handcrafted experience, customized just for the client.

Color Palette

Vintage, Timeless, Quality, Experienced

The color palette is a playful mix of neutral tones with a strong pop of orange for a positive, energetic feel to the brand.



Vintage Orange




Brand Collateral

Custom Business Cards

We loved all of the fun retro vintage logo designs we did for Hashtagitude, so to give each of them life, we created a set of custom business cards with Moo, utilizing their multiple-backside open, uploading designs for each of their logos in all of their core colors. This allowed the client to have a fun variety of card styles to hand out at any event or client meeting.

Custom Print Marketing Materials

While they may be a digital agency, Hashtagitude wanted to bring that handcrafted feeling to their client touchpoints through some custom branded marketing materials. We designed a series of additional print materials for them including custom branded postcards, stickers, and an editable client case studies guide they could add to their physical client intake process deliverables.

Client Testimonial

“I have known Julie for a couple of years through Twitter and Facebook when she was running Julie Harris Design. We were in need of new branding to align with our mission better. Julie is great! She was very attentive and communicative with Ryan and me in our rebranding process and got the new branding on point. I especially love that she provided us deadlines for each step of the process, which helped keep the process going smoothly. When we have more capital, we would love a website redesign as well. We have recommended Whiskey & Red Design to other businesses in the Denver area.”

Helene Kwong


Project Credits