Kathy Kulick CPA

Branding for Certified Public Accountant Practice in Irvine, CA

Kathy Kulick is a certified public accountant who provides accounting, bookkeeping, Quickbooks set-up, and support, as well as tax preparation and planning services to small business owners in and around Orange County California. Her goal is to help her clients make the best financial decisions today so they can enjoy financial freedom tomorrow.

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Packages - Web all device desktop laptop ipad iphone home page for Kathy Kulick CPA - Irvine, California

Project Goals

Professional Creditable Brand Presence, Online, and Off

Kathy knew that she needed a professional visual brand identity and web presence to establish her local credibility and attract the small business owners in the area. Whiskey and Red were brought on to help her do just that.

Logo Design

With a lot of print needs – extensive documentation and paperwork – we knew we needed to design a brand identity that was both clean and easy to use, but could be applied with a creative twist to keep it fresh and engaging for Kathy’s clients.

Primary Logo

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Packages - Brand primary logo for Kathy Kulick CPA - Irvine, California

Brand Icon

Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Packages - Brand mark for Kathy Kulick CPA - Irvine, California


Whiskey and Red Small Business Branding and Website Design Packages - Brand wordmark for Kathy Kulick CPA - Irvine, California


Modern, Masculine, Contrast, Professional

Clean high-contrast modern Serif typeface, Didot paired with a more masculine modern Sans-Serif typeface Lato. The primary wordmark with its high-contrast lines made for a clean mix of masculine and feminine styling. The wide kerning kept the brand approachable as well as allowed for the stylistic details of each letter stand on its own.

Color Palette

Clean, Elegant, Expert, Trustworthy

Working in a highly personal industry and dealing with people’s financials, we wanted to create a more elegant color palette that fit Kathy’s personal style while also establishing the experience and trust she brings to each client.




Blue Gray



Brand Collateral

Custom Business Cards

Transparency is incredibly important to Kathy’s clients so we wanted to create a high-quality business card that played on the concept of transparency. Moo’s raised spot gloss cards were perfect for our needs. Then using their multiple backside options, we were able to create a variety of backsides in each of Kathy’s primary colors to create a branded set of options for her clients.

Responsive Website Design

Kathy does a significant amount of in-person marketing events and often refers to her website during presentations or pitches, so a clean simple and responsive design was perfect for a simple online presence. Our goal was to establish creditability and inspire potential clients to inquire further.

Custom Brand Photography

It was important to Kathy that while her website was simple and small, it clearly represented who she was and gave her clients an accurate feel for who they would be working with. Investing in professional brand photography allowed us to control the energy of the photography, taking a traditionally formal industry outside and giving it room to breathe in the sunshine of Southern California.

Client Testimonial

“If you are looking for a great web design firm, you have found the best! Whiskey and Red did an amazing job with my website. Their branding and design process was very easy while being comprehensive at the same time. The team helped me zero in on exactly what I wanted to portray on my website and then they made it happen, guiding and encouraging me through every step of the process. My new website looks incredible, flows very easily, and makes it easy for potential customers to understand what it is that I do! I would definitely recommend Whiskey & Red to anyone who is interested in creating and or updating their website.”

Kathy Kulick

Certified Public Accountant