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Launched: Art World Adventures

By February 14, 2017Branding, Case Studies, Design
Art World Adventures Brand Launch by Whiskey and Red


PROJECT TYPE: Mini Brand Design

CLIENT:  Melba Dalisn, Founder and CEO of Art World Adventures

About the Client:

Art World Adventures is an art education start up based out of Canada and founded by Melba Dalsin. As an art student Melba realized there were so many amazing collections that students and art lovers don’t have access to and decided she wanted to create a business that would allow guided tours through both public and private art galleries, allowing students of art and anyone else to have the opportunity to enjoy more amazing works of art.

Project Highlights:

As a brand new startup, we decided to go with our Mini Brand Design package. Melba wanted the basics to get her professional presence online without the full overwhelming project of a Full Brand Package as she wasn’t fully sure what her design needs would be down the line. But with all the basics in the Mini Brand Package, we knew that was the perfect place to start.

Melba has a very contemporary style and wanted something simple, but intreating that would entice people to look twice or inquire further into what Art World Adventures is all about. We played with modern shapes, fonts, and angles to come up with a complete custom piece that would blend seamlessly with any palette, allowing Melba the most versatility within her new design pieces.

Brand Love:

“Working with Julie was a wonderful experience. She demonstrated true professionalism in every interaction we had, from the initial consultation through to the final file delivery, and I really appreciated how she seemed to approach the project with genuine enthusiasm. I felt confident in Julie’s ability to create a strong visual identity for my brand and she went above and beyond my expectations. I LOVE my new logo and I’m so excited to start using it as I grow my brand. Thank you, Julie!” – Melba Dalsin


Art World Adventures Inspiration Moodboard by Whiskey and Red


Logo Design Process for Art World Adventures by Whiskey and Red


Brand Identity Board for Art World Adventures by Whiskey and Red
Art World Adventures Business Card Design by Whiskey and Red
Art World Adventures T-Shirt Print Design by Whiskey and Red
Art World Adventures Brand Mockup by Whiskey and Red



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