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Project Overview

Cathy Sturm is a local Indiana real-estate agent and home stager who knew that she had so much more to offer than her fellow realtors and wanted to find a way to help stand out and make a greater impact in her market. All while still working for a major Real-estate company.

Cathy knew she had so much more potential to redefine what it meant to be a real-estate agent and build long-term relationships with her clients beyond the final signatures after purchasing or selling a home. She wanted something clean and simple, emphasizing her name, that could easily be maintained and visually represent the simplicity and clarity she aims to bring to her client’s grant-writing experiences. Her goal was to become their “real-estate agent for life”. Someone they could turn to for homeowner tips and resources, home selling strategies and tools, and interior design inspiration to turn new house into a home.

We started with our SEO and Content Development specialist at White Hattery to help research how the housing market functioned online in her area and identify opportunities to leverage her online presence. We then moved into the design part of our work with our Mini Brand Design package and created a timeless simple logo package that could easily be paired with her current real-estate employers but could also stand alone as she prepared to branch out and open her own firm. Then we moved into a custom small business WordPress website with a blog and custom service pages to help Cathy showcase her signature style, while also provide continuous resources and tools for her clients. And finally, knowing that she wanted to build her presence on social media, we created custom branded social templates to help her market and stay on brand.


Cathy Sturm


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