Vivus Counseling Services

Branding | Website Design

Vivus Counseling Services provides Substance Abuse Evaluations for both Court Ordered and Non-Court Ordered Clients in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas of Teller County, Colorado. Founder Nil Buckley is an experienced LPC, LAC, DV Prov. with multi-specialties and extended experience in serving clients with a variety of mental health needs.

As Nil ventured into Private Practice, she knew she needed a professional brand identity that would clearly represent the quality and experience she brought to her clients. Whiskey & Red were brought on to help visually capture that quality and the growth journey she walks her clients through in counseling.

Whiskey & Red has been a part of a very important step in my life; to start my own business and to create a logo and website that is unique. I wanted my business to have a "face" that translates meaning and purpose. I wanted to have a website where my clients could easily navigate. Whiskey & Red gave me the opportunity to be involved in the branding/website designing process, and by doing that, I have felt heard and valued as a customer. I was/am so touched by their level of professionalism, thoroughness and competency as a team. I highly recommend their services. Thank you for your beautiful work.

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