Project Overview

Whitney Wiatt is a Wisconsin based photographer specializing in personal brand portrait and wedding photography. Her rich colors and mountain inspired location give her photography an almost dreamlike vintage feel and we wanted to maintain that throughout her new brand elements.

Whitney was looking for a brand refresh after having been in business for a number of years and piece-mailing all of her current brand elements. She wanted something traditional, minimal, balanced, sophisticated and timeless to best support the styles of photography she offers, as well as create a visual identity that she could stand out with that wouldn’t detract from any of her photos. Since Whitney serves both wedding clients and editorial clients, we needed to design a brand that could cover both industries, with subtle differences that would speak to both audiences while still feel like a cohesive brand family.

We decided to go with a timeless-traditional Serif typography word mark for her brand and logos as to keep a solid professional base while not detracting from any of her photography. Then adding a softer brand mark through the use of a light pine tree sprig branch allowed us to differentiate her editorial work from her wedding work but keep a cohesive feel. Then continuing the symbolic use of trees and nature through her other brand pieces including a custom bark texture and social media graphics. We kept the brand color palette simple and neutral, with mostly black and white colors, and touches of soft naturals to give a more nature feel to the brand when needed. But the simplicity of the palette allowed Whitney to maximize her new brand across both her target markets and keep a consistent brand identity throughout.


Whitney Wiatt Photographer


Whitney Wiatt


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