Xanne Fran Studios is a handmade custom fine jewelry business that specializes in creating tiny figurine pieces in gold and sliver. The tiniest animals, items, and trinkets you can image into rings, charms, earrings and bracelets. It doesn’t matter what style someone might have, you will find something for everyone at Xanne Fran.

Xanne Fran does the majority of her business through Etsy. She is preparing to expand into her own Shopify Website, but for now, is staying primarily on Etsy and wanted to be able to brand as much as her business as possible, even while on another vender’s website.

Owner, Roxy Becofsky has a very modern minimal style, but wanted to infuse a bit of handcrafted elements to represent the small batch, handmade style of her jewelry.

We knew we wanted to keep things simple and clean with a very significant branded “X” that could be used with the logos or on its own as still maintain her brand recognition.

Since Roxy ships all of her jewelry, we wanted to create as many elements as possible that can make the delivery of all of her items as custom and memorable as possible. So going with our Full Brand Design package was the perfect fit for her.

From the custom hand painted “X” to the dark rich palette, and custom print stationery pieces, this was such an exciting project from start to finish.


Xanne Fran Studios


Roxy Becofsky


Logo Design/ Brand Design / Print Design


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