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Streamline Your Client Communications to Simplify Bookings & Project Management

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The benefits of great branding extend far beyond gaining and retaining clients with ease. Whiskey & Red services include external systems consulting & integration, so you can streamline your approach to business management, take back your time, and focus on your top priorities both in and out of the office.

Custom Systems for Custom Brands

By uniting all of your professional resources under one virtual roof, we’ll help you spend more time growing your business and less time running it. Our consulting capabilities include:

Often, the difference between you and another team is how quickly you can get a potential client on your calendar. We’ll help you select the best booking system for your business to integrate into your website to streamline and optimize your booking process.

Branding is about the experience you provide for your clients, and that experience starts with their first call to action. A smooth intake system and booking workflow can be the difference between booking and retaining life-long clients. We’ll help you identify ways to better streamline your intake process to increase the effectiveness of your booking and onboarding of new clients.

Keyword and market content research, content structure and keyword implementation, image optimization, all metadata and alt text, installment of Google Analytics and Search Console, and submission of your website to Google post-launch.

The value of email marketing is not in question – but which platform is best for your email marketing? We’ll help you identify the strongest email marketing system for your business to integrate with your website or other marketing systems.

We’ll discuss your current third-party systems that you use daily and see where we can better leverage the scope of options available to you through those programs or research new programs that better fit your needs and work better together with your other systems.

How it Works

If you are interested in booking a one-hour Zoom Video Consultation with us to discuss your current (or future) systems and integrations, submit your inquiry and we’ll follow up with a Consultation Proposal and Invoice for the session.

Once you’ve officially signed your Consultation Agreement and made your one-time Consultation Booking payment of $150, you’ll receive a detailed Company Questionnaire to help us better understand your brand, your market, your clients, and the goals you have for the future of your business. Once you submit your completed Company Questionnaire, you’ll immediately receive an invite to book your one-hour Zoom Video Consultation with our team.

We will take your submitted Company Questionnaire and begin our own research, follow-up questions, and organized findings to discuss and present during your scheduled Consultation. This is a one-time, one-hour, Zoom Video Consultation call with Whiskey & Red to discuss your unique business and help you discover how to maximize every minute through streamlined processes and effective integrations, so you can work smarter, not harder and engage clients at every turn.

After your Systems Consultation call, we’ll summarize our discussion and proposed next-steps implementation strategy into a concise PDF guide and deliver via email within 48 hours. Should you decide to work with us further to implement any suggested changes or new integrations, we’ll also follow up with a custom project proposal and credit your initial $150 deposit to that project total.

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Time is everyone’s most valuable asset. We believe in maximizing every minute through streamlined processes and effective integrations so you can work smarter, not harder and engage clients at every turn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We always start with an initial Consulting session to identify the systems and integration needs of your business. That initial session is a $150 upfront investment that will be applied to your integration assistance should you decide to work with us.

Should you decide to work with us to implement any of our systems strategies, a custom project proposal will be presented with a complete project quote, unique to your needs and the level of integration you are seeking.

Our initial Consultation Call is a one-hour Zoom Video call with our team.

Beyond that call, our project availability varies throughout the year, and the prep time for any system setup is taken into account for each project. As some programs take more setup than others, each project is quoted uniquely.

The initial Consultation Call comes with a Company Questionnaire to be completed prior to our Consultation Session, along with the initial one-hour Zoom Video call, and a post-call strategy presentation for you to reflect upon for next steps as you prepare to implement your new systems.

For further systems packages, we quote those separately and each quote includes our time, research, findings, and strategy presentations. Also included would be any time needed to integrate your new systems or programs into your business. If any new programs require a regular monthly or annual investment, those fees are not included in our pricing and would be the responsibility of the client.

Depending on the unique systems needs of your business, we will present a consolidated presentation PDF that outlines everything discussed during the Consultation Call along with our proposed Strategy or new Systems to look into further.

Should we decide we want to continue working together on the implementation of any proposed systems, we would present a separate project proposal at that time.

With education being one of our top goals, after any systems or integrations projects (beyond the initial Consultation Call), we will host what we call a “teaching session” during your system or website launch week, where you will sit with your developer and walk through your system, recording custom tutorial videos to refer back to later in order to help you maintain and manage your own workflows moving forward. We also offer technical support packages that we will discuss with you at the end of your project.

The Big Picture

We equip clients with inclusive systems so they can run their businesses smoothly & own every aspect of their brand.

Together, we’ll discover what your systems can do for you (just about everything).