The Plasencia Group

Corporate Portfolio Website Design for Hospitality Consulting and Advisory Firm in Florida

The Plasencia Group is a national hospitality sales and investment consulting services firm. They help their clients buy, sell, and invest in hotels, resorts, golf courses, and other luxury properties across the US and its territories.

Whiskey and Red Small Business Website Design Packages - Web all device home page Mockup for The Plasencia Group hotel sales and consulting services - Tampa, Florida

Project Goals

Capture Company Culture and Essence in an Engaging and Educational Online Platform

As a family business, the Plasencia brothers knew they wanted to partner with another small business that would give them and their website the attention to detail and time it needed to really create their goal experience for new, current, and past clients. Most of their clients come from referrals or partner agencies so unlike other small businesses, our goal here was not so much intake of clients, but the establishment of credibility and quality, while providing a base for education to help clients at all levels utilize the services offered by the Plasencia Group to its fullest.

Responsive Website Design

Understanding that The Plasencia Group’s clients come from all over the world, we created a design that beautifully responded across all devices, ensuring a smooth and consistent user experience. From custom forms, custom galleries, and a number of secret password-protected asset pages that their internal team and utilize as they share private information with potential buyers or sellers.

Educational Design

While for many other websites, less is more – in this case, we wanted to include as much company information as possible in order to create a thorough digital portfolio. This meant including as much corporate documentation as possible, information about all current team members, past representation galleries, company timelines, maps, and an interactive blog to help bring their client community together. Anything that a potential client could benefit from learning as they decide whether or not to work with The Plasencia Group.

Color Palette

Clean, Confident, Experienced, Trustworthy, Family Brand

The Plasencia Group came to us with an existing core color palette which we expanded upon in order to have a clean brand suite of color options for any of our website needs.



TPG Blue

TPG Gold



Website Branding

Expanding Upon an Existing Successful Brand

We utilized The Plasencia Group’s existing brand identity as they were already well known in their industry and didn’t want to lose any corporate recognition. This meant expanding upon their current typography styling, color palette, and corporate collateral items. We used their brand icon as a watermark to provide depth to longer text pages, their typography from their logo for a clean coordinating type family, and any additional company photography to help give as much of a custom look and feel to the website as possible.