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How to maximize a one page Wordpress Website for a Small Business Owner's side hustle on Whiskey & Red


How to maximize a one-page WordPress Website for a Small Business Owner’s side hustle. 

We were approached by local Colorado small business owner Mark of Peak Fencing back in March when he was looking for a local team to redesign and develop his fencing business website.

Needless to say, it was an awesome experience for all of us. We completely redesigned and developed his website, brought on our SEO and digital marketing partner to help with the long-term reach of his brand, and business has been booming.

Like so many other entrepreneurs out there, Mark has other entrepreneurial ideas on the mind beyond just his core fencing business. As a co-owner of a local property here in the mountain communities of Colorado, he knew he had the perfect opportunity to start a side business renting out the property for special events, weddings, and corporate retreats. But with his full-time job, time and funds were tight. But the opportunity was there and Mark didn’t want to pass it up.

After a thorough strategy session with Mark and the other owners, we decided to maximize their time, energy, and money through a one-page WordPress website, with the add-on of SEO and Digital Marketing to expand the impact of their small site.


  • Start small – but specific.

  • Establish a professional presence and inspire engagement through beautiful imagery.

  • Create an easily maintained platform for the business owner to manage easily as a side job.

  • Maximize reach through website optimization and directory registration targeting bespoke mountain couples and businesses.

  • Utilize Local SEO without overly promoting the property address, eliminating any surprise visitors to the private property.

With the limitations of a single page site and the goal of creating that online experience to inspire potential wedding parties to book their property, we knew we needed to really focus on the imagery of the property. Speaking to the bespoke mountain bride and groom and helping inspire the rustic day of their dreams, paired with all the right copy and calls to action to inspire engagement through submissions of contact forms.


  • Imagery – beautiful inspiration images of the property to set the scene.

  • Minimal but specific text – to help convey enough of the basics to inspire people to contact.

  • Multiple contact buttons – even on a single site, adding in as many opportunities for people to get to the contact page as quickly as possible helps the owners to get in touch with potential clients faster and eliminate any “next step” confusion.

  • Targeted SEO – alt text, metadata, and carefully written copy to maximize local SEO opportunities, while not over promoting the property location through maps.


Sourdough Valley Ranch One-page Wordpress Website design by Whiskey & Red

By the end of the project, we had a beautiful, rustic, gallery one-page WordPress Website, optimized for maximum exposure and searchability, with minimal maintenance and support required by the owner.

Please join us in celebrating this beautiful site launch for Sourdough Valley Ranch and check out their gorgeous new website.



Do you have a side dream that you’ve always wanted to explore further, but the demands of being a small business owner keeping you too busy?

Leave a comment below and let us know how we might be able to help you pack a big punch inside a tiny package and get your side hustle started right.

Here’s to you, our fellow small business owner! We may be small but we are fierce. 


Julie & Steve Harris


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