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By October 25, 2016Case Studies
Safe House Security and Consulting Brand Launch.


PROJECT TYPE: Mini Brand Design + Small Business Website Design

CLIENT: Eric Hatton Founder + CEO of Safe House Security


About the Client:

Safe House Security and Consulting was founded to effectively dissolve the label of “soft target” amongst churches. They provide multiple resources to meet the safety and security needs of the local church, despite varying congregation sizes and budgets through their website and virtual consulting services. After more than ten years of serving many of the worlds most well known pastors, speakers, politicians, and athletes, they understand how to intentionally serve others using their knowledge and experience in safety and security.

Project Highlights:

Safe House is a brand new start up so we started from the beginning with a custom Mini Brand Design package, providing them with all the necessary start up brand elements to build up their visual identity for both online and in person marketing. From there, they chose our Small Business Website package to create the strongest base for their online presence. With only the basic pages for now, we knew that down the road they plan on offering online courses, webinars, membership opportunities, and expanded consulting options, we chose a theme that allowed for all that functionality and more.

But to give them the strongest starting point today, they have multiple custom contact forms, a custom blog page, coming soon events program, and custom opt-ins that will build up their list while they continue to expand their online resources.

Brand Love:

“Either we are really easy to please or you are just that good! I’m going to say it’s a little of both!! We love everything! The stock images, the business cards, we love it all!” – Traci & Eric Hatton


Safe House Security Inspiration Moodboard by Julie Harris Design


Safe House Logo Design Process by Julie Harris Design


Brand Identity Board for Safe House Security by Julie Harris Design
Safe House Security Brand Identity Mockup by Julie Harris Design


Safe House Security and Consulting Small Business Website Design by Julie Harris Design


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Julie Harris

About Julie Harris

Julie Harris is the founder and lead designer of Whiskey & Red. Based out of Woodland Park, Colorado, Whiskey & Red specializes in small business branding and WordPress website design. They collaborate with small business owners, at all levels of industry, helping them translate their offline business into an online digital experience.

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