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Welcome to part 2 of our how to ROCK your webinar series. While webinars are in no way a new concept to most of us who are even a little experienced with online business and digital marketing, it can still be a scary medium for those of us less experienced in video marketing.

If you’re looking to:

  • Take that next step and start bringing in a wider audience without spending a fortune on marketing.
  • Get immediate feedback on a new product or service you’re thinking of providing but arn’t sure of the current demand.
  • Help your brand stand out and reach more people, faster, easier, and more effectively.
  • Increase audience engagement and create that sense of urgency that drives sales and books clients.

The solution is webinars, and you’re in luck because this series was written for YOU!

Last week, we discussed what exactly a webinar is any why it is such a powerful tool for branding and business marketing. Then we explored the various available platforms that are out there for us to use for our webinars and how to pick the best platform for our purposes. While these are two very important steps in the webinar development process, they are only the tip of the iceberg that is video marketing though webinars.

What about your actual webinar?


How To Effortlessly Run A Webinar For More Impact, More Engagement and More Clients

You’ve committed to a webinar, picked your platform, but what about the most important part? YOUR WEBINAR. I am so thrilled to welcome back Miss. Razwana Wahid of Relentless Movement to help shed some creative clarity on how to setup, structure, and market your webinar for success.


First things first…. 

Choosing A Webinar Topic

Choosing a webinar topic that’s irresistible to your audience.

There’s something about seeing a person on video and hearing their voice that instantly positions them as an expert.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business, how many clients you don’t have or how much money you don’t make – the fact that you have the guts to get in front of a camera and share your expertise? Automatically makes you stand out.

But this fact alone doesn’t make you an expert – what you deliver during the webinar does.

An often overlooked part of a webinar is what will be taught. And with everything else in business – it isn’t about you, it’s about your audience.

Which is why choosing a webinar topic that your audience can’t resist is paramount.


Here are 3 ways to find the perfect topic:


Find the most popular posts on your website and create a webinar around them (WordPress has a plugin called Popular Posts that lists them for you).

What comments were left on the post that highlights other angles you can take on the topic? What did your audience like about the post? Why did they share it?

People learn in different ways. Reading your post and applying what you teach in isolation works for some people.

However, the majority of your audience are visual learners, so covering the same topic in a webinar increase their ability to implement your teaching (and see you as an expert in the process).


Is anyone not part of a Facebook group where they add value?


Facebook groups filled with your audience are a goldmine of information on topics. Head over to them and have a read of both the status updates, as well as the comments.

What are people asking for help on? What have you helped the members with before? How many of these come easily to you that you can teach?

If we take a look at the Creatives Corner Facebook group, here are 3 topics that immediately jump out:

  • The best social media scheduling software to grow your audience and influence.
  • How to start a podcast.
  • The best of blogging – when to post, what to write and how to get more clients. 



There are always people in your audience that prefer to remain private about what they’re struggling with. These people won’t be commenting on posts or sharing anything on Facebook.

What they will do, however, is communicate with you on email.

Review the emails you’ve received from your readers and highlight what topics they ask for more help on. How can you take the topic further in a webinar? What topics would be useful to more people?


These are just 3 ways to find webinar topics. The secret to always find relevant content is to keep communication with your audience open. Always ask questions and encourage conversation.



Sellout The Show

How to market your webinar and fill “seats”.

So you have an irresistible webinar topic, the technology is sorted and you’re dressed for the occasion.

Now … time to promote your webinar like a pro.

Give yourself at least 7 days of promotion. Any more than this and people are likely to forget it’s happening – and any less means they may already have something booked.


Here’s a quick hit of 10 things you can do to market your webinar:

  1. Write a blog post about it on your site. Cover the topic briefly and position the webinar as an upgrade to what the post already covered.
  2. Share on social media, multiple times. Schedule your social media posts to have at least 4 different updates being sent throughout the 7 day period. (on platforms like Twitter, you can send a tweet daily)
  3. Mention it in a Twitter chat – as long as the webinar topic is significant to the audience. Most Twitter chats allow you to promote towards the end – take advantage of this.
  4. Email your list announcing the webinar and send a link directly to the landing page.
  5. Post it in Facebook groups where your audience is present. Take this a step further by going through the last 2 weeks of updates on the page and leave a comment where someone has asked a question that your webinar gives the answer to.  Tag them in your comment to increase the likelihood of it being read.
  6. Write a guest post for another blog – this takes a bit more planning, and has a significant impact on webinar attendees (make sure you add a link to the registration page in your bio).
  7. Reach out to other bloggers and ask them to share with their audience.
  8. Co-host the webinar to take advantage of two sets of audiences.
  9. Encourage people to share after they’ve signed up – add link to share on social media on your ‘thank you for registering’ page.
  10. Send 2 reminder emails on the day of the webinar. Schedule the first to go out 4 hours before the webinar, and the second 30 minutes prior.

A special Pin just for you! 

Rock Your Webinar Marketing copy

Typically, around 30% of the people signing up actually show up to the webinar.

The more work you put into marketing your webinar, the more likely you are to have an audience to teach. So don’t be shy!


Structuring The Show

Structure your webinar for engagement from start to finish.

The last thing you want is to have put so much work into creating a kick-ass webinar, only for you to go through it wondering if anyone’s actually listening.

Or if you’re confusing them.

Or worse – if they left because they were bored.


One easy way to avoid this is to use the same structure that all successful webinars follow:

  1. Introduction. 5 minutes to introduce both the topic and yourself. This is the part most people shy away from as self-promotion can make us all very self-conscious. Remember that your audience are excited to know about you, as well as apply what you’re teaching. Having some details of the kind of person you are increases the emotional connection they feel towards you.
  2. Main presentation. 20-25 minutes in total for your first webinar. It may seem like a long time, but it passes very quickly!
  3. Q&A. 10 minutes. Always give your audience the opportunity to ask questions. This section will also give ideas for future webinar topics. It’s best to leave this to the end so you can focus on delivering the presentation, rather than constantly jumping to questions and interrupting the flow. If you decide to sell your service, give something away, or offer a promotion, this is the section to do it in.


Other things you can do to increase engagement:

  • Have a written script in front of you so you always know what you’ll say next.
  • Practice at least twice to get the timing right.
  • Run through the webinar (including the technology) with people you trust, and ask for their feedback before tweaking.
  • Keep your audience engaged by asking questions throughout.
  • Always have a call to action at the end. This is one thing your audience will do to apply what you. taught them. Ask them to share their results with you (on email, or social media).
  • Send a thank you email after the webinar’s over (this is where you can include the recording or a reminder of what you offered).
  • Give them a surprise gift for free that you didn’t mention on the webinar – it’s a great way to increase engagement as the audience is getting more than they expected from you.


Whew! Ok, let’s let all this sink in for a minute.

There is sooooo much more to a successful webinar than just a video feed and list of followers. From pre-webinar work, (picking your platform, selecting your topic, and outlining your strategy), to your content development (presentation outline, timing, branding, and most importantly actionable pitch) every tiny detail counts.

In order to really help you master the power of video marketing and ROCK YOUR WEBINAR we are going to take this series to a whole new level and actually rock our own webinar, this Thursday, July 9th, at 12:00pm PST / 3:00pm EST we’ll be live and in action, ready to help you rock your webinar!

Hangout with us for one hour and you’ll walk away with:

  • The biggest mistake business owners make on their webinars, and how to avoid it.
  • The exact strategy to sell on a webinar to make buying from you a no-brainer for your audience.
  • The secret to selling on a webinar even if you don’t have a product or service to sell yet.
  • The success formula for webinar registration design that skyrockets sign ups.
  • The specific words to use to make money before the webinar is even over.

What do you say? Let’s do this!

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Sign up, get set, and get ready to rock! Thursday, July 9th, at 12:00pm PST / 3:00pm EST. Even if you can’t be there with us on the 9th, get on the list anyway, and we’ll send you a link to the recording once it’s over!

Do you have any webinar or video marketing questions you want to make sure we answer on Thursday? Let us know by asking them in the comments below, and then sign up and stay tuned for our answer.

Here’s to rocking YOUR webinar!


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